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Ferrari Cranes can be compared to the BIGMAX Series of Telescopic Cranes

Model 300 Series specifications can be found in many of the BIGMAX and exceeded.


Ferrari Crane Model 300






Ferrari Crane 300 Series Compared To BIGMAX TC Series

Big Max TC Series Telescopic Cranes - Compact reliable cranes that can be mounted almost anywhere.


bulletCompact design, requires minimum mounting and stowage space
bulletAvailable in 8 sizes, PTO pump or DC operated
bulletStrong light weight hexagonal boom construction
bulletSimple installation as all models have the same mounting bolt pattern
bulletEasily service with readily available US std hoses and hose ends
bulletHydraulic extensions to 19. feet available
bulletSafer flange mounted counterbalance valve
bulletRugged, cast steel base with enclosed oil bath slewing gears






Ferrari Crane - BIGMAX Cranes

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BIGMAX Crane Lifting Heavy Loads


Ferrari Chair Lift Crane
Ferrari Cranes


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